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A donation from you today can brighten the lives of children in Shropshire & Mid Wales  who suffer from life threatening and chronic illnesses. We also help an orphanage in Burma. You will give them an opportunity and improvement in their life as a result of your generosity and selflessness.... Thank you!

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Dreamcatcher is a fund which was set up in 1995 by Ron & Dianne Morgan with a view to giving memorable experiences to children that are suffering from life threatening and chronic illnesses.


Over the last 20 years we have fulfilled the dreams of a good number of children and their families by providing holidays to many places including Disney World in Florida, Paris Disneyland, Legoland and cruises.

We have also provided other children with great experiences such as helicopter rides, pop concerts, theatre trips, special nights out, stretch limousine rides & much more!

All these children are from the Shropshire and Mid Wales area and most have been hospitalised at some time or other in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

WE are supported in many ways by fund raising evenings such as disco’s casino nights and donations no mater how small or large they all help, some folk refuse gifts for speciall celebrations such as Diamond wedding anniversaries and instead ask for donations to Dreamcatcher, some funeral donation bequests follow the same lead.


Some of the children may not recover from illnesses, but we want to give them some magic while we can, your support will help make their dreams come true.


Latterly we have also endeavoured to help children less fortunate than our own in the UK, who do not get support from their governments and social systems and rely totally on charitable donations, we are proud to be helping Orchaa school in India and in Ananda Myitta Agape Childrens Home in Yangon, Burma.



Meet the children

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