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A donation from you today can brighten the lives of children in Shropshire & Mid Wales  who suffer from life threatening and chronic illnesses. We also help an orphanage in Burma. You will give them an opportunity and improvement in their life as a result of your generosity and selflessness....   Thank you!

Esme Ramsden, 16, of Belle Vue, Shrewsbury, suffered a brain tumour when she  was just five years old.

She was left partially paralysed on her left side and does not have proper  use of her left hand and arm.


Over the years Dreamcatcher have raised funds to give Esme some bright spots whether it be a personal visit from Santa on Christmas day with a special present right up to a recent visit to Le Grand Cirque at Theatre Severn followed by a ride in a stretch limo and a slap up meal at the Armoury with other Dreamcatcher children beneficiaries.


Esme enjoys as normal a life as possible. She has a lively nature and is held in  great affection by all who know her, and to underline how far Esme has come she is now fundraising for Dreamcatcher to give something back and benefit other children who are having things tough.

Esme and a school friend Holly who raised £71  for Dreamcatcher as a result of their carol singing in December 2011 and their unselfish and generous support will  brighten the lives of  a number of children  in Shropshire and Mid Wales

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