DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN CHARITABLE FUND A donation from you today can brighten the lives of children in Shropshire, Herefordshire & Mid Wales who suffer from life threatening and chronic illnesses. We also help orphanages in Burma and White River South Africa with dedicated fundraising evenings.You can give these children and their families an opportunity and improve their life experiences as a result of your generosity and selflessness.... Thank you!
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A donation from you today can brighten the lives of children  in Shropshire & Mid Wales  who suffer from life threatening and chronic illnesses. We also help an orphanage in Burma. You will give them opportunity and improvement in their life as a result of your generosity and selflessness....   Thank you!

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Mike Gregory and his wife Evelyn have been stalwart supporters of Dreamcatcher Children for some time now, constantly making donations and supporting fundraising events, despite their busy life running the 5 Star Long Mountain Guest House http://www.longmountainbandb.co.uk/

and they will soon receive another prestigious award but that's secret for the moment  .......Mike and Evelyn deserve every good fortune given their selfless lifestyle always thinking of others less fortunate.


So when Mike and Evelyn joined us on the 2013 DREAMCATCHER SANTA SPECIAL on Sunday 15th December, Father Christmas sought out Mike to thank him and Evelyn for all their good work in the community in supporting DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN  and here is Mike featured with Father Christmas(Mike's on the left)... Not stopping there Mike and Evelyn returned home and presented DREAMCATCHER with a trunk full of brand new toys to be given to children who are not so well at the moment thus brightening their Christmas! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!!


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Many people run up to half marathon distances or longer or do a mountain bike race to raise money and on the way improve their fitness and /or lose weight, as well as having a dual purpose or raising money for those less fortunate than themselves.  It does not have to be anything strenuous it can be something as simple as a sponsored walk or sponsored silence.


Stan & Midge Croft of Shrewsbury, celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary with a barbecue and advised all the invited guests that they were lucky to have all that they wanted and that instead of briging gifts to please make a donation to Dreamcatcher these kind folk raised £400 for Dreamcatcher. This enabled us to take many children and their families on the SANTA SPECIAL from Llanfair Caereinion just before Christmas over 60 persons in all and a wonderful day was had by all!


 Simon & Kerry Jones of Shrewsbury requested that instead of gifts for their wedding that donations be made to Dreamcatcher and £1000 was raised and this money was used to provide 11 children with tickets to Cirque Du Soleil at Theatre Severn and a stretch limousine ride around town to the Armoury for an after show meal!


We have had Line Dancing evenings,Casino nights, cabaret nights and many more events all of which we are very grateful for the kind support people have given us in  attending and donating any raised funds from sponsorship.


Dreamcatcher have received funeral collection bequests, individual donations, many very often just send us a small donation every now and again  totally unsolicited but very welcome!


We have some bigger projects such as a Climb Kilimanjaro fundraiser see our News page for  more details!


If we can help you at all with your fundraiser please do not hesitate to contact us, traditional cash and cheques are very welcome payable to DREAMCATCHER c/o 11 Shackleton Way, Bowbrook Way Shrewsbury SY3 8SW