A donation from you today can brighten the lives of children in Shropshire & Mid Wales who suffer from life threatening and chronic illnesses. We also help an orphanage in Burma.You give them an opportunity and improvement in their lives as a result of your generosity and selflessness....   Thank you!


WOW! Mr & Mrs M Jones have blown us away with their stupendous four figure donation to Dreamcatcher Children and it is enabling us to help a very special young lady have a better future!

Gra and Jan Croft have once again made a very very generous donation to Dreamcatcher Children Thank you both so much!!!

Thank you so much to Neil, Claire and Gracie may Walters for your £50 donation to Dreamcatcher 

A massive shout out for the donation of three pantomime tickets to a family this festive season and a superb £150 donation all by our terrific Dreamcatcher supporters Marion & Mal Lane . You are stars shining in the Dreamcatcher galaxy. Thank you!

Thank you once again to Chris and Sheila Mcdonald for their £120 donation to the Dreamcatcher Santa Special!

A big thank you once again to Sylvia Smith and family for their very generous donation of £125 towards this year's Santa Special! We are so lucky to have you amongst our wonderful supporters.

WOW! Thank you so much RECOGEN LTD for your superbly generous £1000 donation, it allows us to do so much for the children and their families!!!

Thank you Joe Smout and Margaret and David Howells regular donors for yet another £20 donation

Thank you Joe Smout and Margaret and David Howells regular donors for another £20 donation

Thank you Thank you Thank you! To the family of Chris Smith. Sylvia his wife, and sons Adam, Ian and family. Thank you so much for your wonderful gesture of donating the collection proceeds from Chris's funeral to DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN.

Dreamcatcher Children will benefit to the massive amount of £1325. WOW!

We can do so much with this money in the name of Chris Smith and will be letting everyone know in due course what we plan to do with this superb donation. Which will include children and their families enjoying a Shrewsbury Town matchday Mascot experience in Chris's name!

Chris was such a wonderful guy well known too many not least of which anyone anything to do with Shrewsbury Town football club.

Of course behind every great man is a great lady and in Sylvia he had a diamond, alongside Adam and Ian his sons and their terrific extended family!

Thanks to all of the family and all those who donated, Thank you so much for thinking of and supporting Dreamcatcher Children

On Saturday morning just after we returned from the first of the Dreamcatcher Santa Special weekend trains we opened our mail to be flabbergasted by a letter from AICO Ltd of Oswestry, enclosed was a cheque for £500  with the words "Please find enclosed a cheque for £500 which we would like to donate to Dreamcatcher.    We trust that it will bring some assistance to the very kind and caring work carried out by your worthy charity"   Well I have been speechless a lot recently thanks to the amazing support Dreamcatcher Children have received but this one came out of left field, to use an Americanism, and we are bowled over and thank AICO and all involved with AICO so so much. This makes a big difference to us going forward, to projects we can now action sooner than we thought. THANK YOU!

Following the Dreamcatcher Santa Specials weekend of 17/18 December we arrived home weary but elated with the joy of witnessing so much happiness and family memory making.  We emptied the Dreamcatcher Children donations box and have discovered an immense £465.92 including one terrific sole donation of £150 you know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for the generosity of all of you from pennies to pounds it mounts up and allows us the flexibility to brighten more and more children and their families lives THANK YOU ALL!

Thanks once again Mike & Evelyn for another fantastic donation for Two sisters Orphanage in South Africa!

Long time supporters Pete and Cathy Ashby have once more made a wonderfully generous donation again this Christmas, Thank you both and may 2017 be a happier and healthier one for you both!

 Thank you once again Gra and Jan Croft for your very generous donation this Christmas for Dreamcatcher your support as ever is so very much appreciated !

Phil and Jackie Price long time supporters have given Dreamcatcher yet another generous donation Thank you! 16Nov

Chris & Sheila McDonald Thank you both once again for a fabulous donation to Dreamcatcher Children 5 Nov

A phenomenal game changing £2750 has been donated by Richards Castle Soapbox derby Committee following a very successful fundraising Soap Box derby 3rd July 2016 We cannot thank them enough! It's a great day out!

Once again Marion and Malky Lane have donated £100 Thank you

A massive thank you to the Horizon group who meet at the United reform Church near the English Bridge in Shrewsbury and to Sheila Bacon on the group's behalf, for their very generous cheque for £100 which they have donated to Dreamcatcher Children following a successful cake sale recently, the monies will be put to good use brightening children's lives and making their dreams come true THANK YOU!

Another dream come true this week, this time for 15 year old Joe who was due to enter hospital for an operation but before he went in we arranged a helicopter ride from Welshpool not just that a lesson to fly...he had a great time thanks to cash donations of £50 from Marion & Mal Lane, David Howells £40 and Dianne topped up the £10 to make the dream come true thank you all!

Thank you yet again to Phil and Jackie Price and friend Rita for their brilliant donation of £100 which is helping replenish the coffers for more projects to help children and their families HAPPY CHRISTMAS

Following another successful weekend on the DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN Santa Specials with Welshpool and Llanfair Light railway...we are so gratified to announce that a donations box which was in evidence on the day has realised £214.69p WOW Thank you all so much especially James, Lesley and William for your £40 donation and the many other donations which make up this fine total..you are all so generous! Merry Christmas!

Chris & Sheila Mcdonald & family are again supporting the Santa Special to the tune of £120 thank you so much

Thank you once again for the unceasing support of Gra and Jan Croft who along with their family have supported Dreamcatcher Children since its conception 20 years ago. Gra and Jan have donated a phenomenal £200 again towards Dreamcatcher THANK YOU both so so much!!!! 


Once again Ian & Karen Teece have made an unbelievably generous donation of £700 to make sure we can take as many as possible on the 2015 Santa Special Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Joe Smout has continued his regular donations of £10 in memory of his wife Hazel...thank you so much Joe!

Thank you so much to Paul and Jayne Rushworth who after much diligent saving of coins decided to empty there money jar and donate the proceeds to DREAMCATCHER children to the tune of a whopping £153 thank you both so much for your continued genrosity, you are stars!

WOW !Thank you so much to Perry Muir and the PAR 5 Foundation who have donated an amazing £500 towards DREAMCATCHER Children, Perry and the other committee members are always busy raising monies and donating to worthwhile local causes and we thank them so much for supporting us and we are sure this will go to good use with the DREAMCATCHER Santa Special coming up in less than 6 weeks

Once again our supporters of Dreamcatcher Children from the outset in 1995 have donated a fabulous £100 towards this years Dreamcatcher Santa Special from Llanfair Caereinion...Thank you so much Pete and Cathy Ashby and may God bless you!

Further to the amazing forfeit of having her long hair cut in memory of her cousin Harry Leeke, Evie Vaughan initially raised £225.15, this week we received an additional £290 from Evie and her family Abi, Dave, Noah, and Scott is that amazing or what??? Thank you all so much from DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN!

A massive thank you once again to Marion and Mal Lane our long time Dreamcatcher Children supporters who have donated a very generous £100 towards this years DREAMCATCHER Santa Special taking place Sunday 13th December from Llanfair Caereinion. Brilliant!!!

Just to highlight how wonderful our supporters are Mike & Evelyn Gregory matched Evie's fundraising efforts with a splendid donation of £225...Thank you both so much once again

Little Evie Vaughan aged just 6 wanted to remember her cousin Harry Leeke from Bishops castle so in front of all her school friends at St Lawrences Primary school in Church Stretton her lovely waist length hair was cut down to size and by her forfeit she raised £225.15p for DREAMCATCHER Children so that others less fortunate than Evie and her friends can have a special trat in memory of harry Leeke...Thank you Evie you are so thoughtful and Harry will be smiling from ear to ear as he as well as us all are very proud of you!


A massive thank you to Daz Woodall of www.woodallbrothers.co.uk and his friends and family for donating a superb £600 towards this years Dreamcatcher Children Sant special in December 2015 all raised from a very successful golf day!

Thankyou so much to Katie Tyler for your generous £30 donation to Dreamcatcher Children!
 Thank you Kerry Jones for your £25  donation of your STRICTLY COME DANCING winnings to Dreamcatcher Children

£20 received from Nick's Hyne's father in law ...thank you so much!

Thanks to that fabulous fundraiser at the Lord Hill last October yet another £428 has been donated to DREAMCATCHER... Outstanding!!! Thankyou all once again! Paul Rushworth and famliy, Paul Challinor and all who contributed


Jan and Gra Croft have made another wonderfully generous donation to DREAMCATCHER Children to start our 2015 fundraising in great style...£200  THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!


£10 was donated by Kate Wilde to Dreamcatcher thank you!


 A massive £721.60 donated from the proceeds of Lord Hill fundraiser last October Thankyou to Paul Rushworth and family, Paul Challinor, Millie and all who contributed and gave up there time to perform and to support this fabulous evening!


Peter and Cathy Ashby donated £50 ,these guys have supported us from day one Thankyou!

Thankyou John & Sue Ecclestone for your very welcome £50 donation this Christmas


Following a great 'Moving On' party for Dianne at Romolo's, £40 was raised for DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN from the nursing staff  on childrens ward.

  A £5 residue of fees Following a walk with the Hadnall walking group last Sundayresulted in a donation to DREAMCATCHER thankyou!


One of our long time supporters Joe Smout donated £10 in memory of his wife Hazel


Thank you so much to Leanne Beddows and her little son Alfie and family for the fabulous £400 they raised and donated to DREAMCATCHER Children from a REMOTE CONTROL CAR Rally they participated in earlier this year, a splendid effort and very kind gesture to help other children!


 At a SUPER BLUES Dinner fundraiser earlier this week TONY ROWE won a share of the IRISH BINGO  prize and immediately donated £70 to DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN , a wonderful and spontaneous gesture Thank you TONY!


Pam and Roger Wilde with their daughter and son in law Kell & Rick, have donated a wonderful £50 on top of their 40th anniversary legacy early in the year!
  Great supporters of Dreamcatcher Phil and Jackie Price have donated a whopping £150 Thank you both so much!

Thank you Pat and Barry Norman £10 and Chris and Sheila McDonald £100 for your kind donations towards the Santa Special! 

Absolutely unbelievable .....Mike and Evelyn Gregory save their coinage in a jar each year and have just presented DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN with a fabulous donation

 of £409.28p as a result their selflessness and thoughtfulness knows no bounds THANKYOU is not a strong enough word AWESOME is getting nearer! Tireless and regular contributors to brightening the lives of DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN


Once again Ian & Karen Teece have made an extremely generous donation of £250 to make sure we can take as many as possible on the 2014 Santa Special Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Celia from Gateway Writing group for her kind donation of £5 to Dreamcatcher...thank you!

Leah & Carla Watts have donated an awesome £800 as a result of their recent FITATHON way to go ladies!

Joan Morgan recently celebrated her 89th birthday & requested all gifts should be in the form of Dreamcatcher Donations thank you Joan

David Howells recently celebrated his 90th birthday and instead of personal gifts asked for donations to Dreamcatcher thank you Dave!

Congratulations & thank you to Hadnall Women's club members Margaret Joyce, Sheila & Jackie who won the recent Charity Bowls competition and as a result donated half their winnings to DREAMCATCHER CHILDREN & half to SEVERN HOSPICE  Well done ladies and thank you so much!

Roger and Pam Wilde £555 donated following their 40th Wedding anniversary party...Wonderful!

West Mercia Supplies & Sue Jones very kindly raised and donated £138 for Dreamcatcher Thank you so much....That is outstanding!!!

Paul Deegan and Deb for their very kind £20 contribution towards Dreamcatcher in lieu of a historical town tour!!! Thankyou!

Marion and Malky Lane have once again made an awesome donation towards 2014 Santa Special

which goes a long way towards covering the funding of this years event.... thank you so much!!!!!!!

Big Big thank you to Croft family & friends who following a guided tour of Shrewsbury donated a whopping £160!!!

Great appreciation to the Hadnall folk who came on the town tour 19 May and donated £101

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Newton for your very kind £20 donation

Thank you to Mrs J Walsh for her wonderful donation of £25

Neil and Carol thank you so much for donating £20 from your 30th anniversary gifts to DREAMCATCHER!
Many thanks to our prize draw donors from the top prize of £100 who wish to remain anonymous to Shrewsbury Folk festival, Attingham Park National Trust, Perfect 10, ZEN @ Miruji,
Origins Restaurant Shrewsbury College Marks & Spencer, Mr David, The Cornhouse, Pizza Express, The Armoury, Shrewsbury Club, Cineworld, Staples, CO-OP, Nandos, Oberon, Tanners, Toy Hearts, Almost Bluegrass, Park Hall, Giant Chocolate Egg donation and to Gra Croft who won it and donated it back to the children, Roseanne's Special days...hopefully I have covered you all and thank you so much for those fab prizes!!!!

Pete & Cathy Ashby Dreamcatcher veteran supporters could not make the fundraiser concert last week but have kindly donated £30 for the tickets

IZZY Maclachlan donated a fabulous £70 thanks to his efforts and brilliant piping before the Carol service in the Square TOP MAN!

 Lesley, James and William Neil made a very generous donation of £50 to Dreamcatcher for our charity concert on the 27th March

Thank you to Castlefields Wednesday club who donated £20 following a travel talk by Ron Morgan

Anne Nagle cannot make our fundraising concert but has donated the ticket price £15 to Dreamcatcher thank you Anne

A terrific thank you for the awesome donation from Ruth Jones and Emma Baylis of £990.50 raised at Halloween masquerade Ball well done ladies.......OUTSTANDING!

 Joe Smout in memory of his dear wife Hazel ....two great supporters of DREAMCATCHER £5

Following a very successful Santa Special Sunday 15th December, even on the day people made donations to DREAMCATCHER thank you to the Carvell family £20 Cherry & David Howells £20 Margaret Howells £10 and Mrs Wygold £3

A chance meeting in a pub  with folk Dianne had never met, and the resultant conversation about Dreamcatcher Children led to a very generous £20 donation towards Dreamcatcher from a fellow called Martin from Reading ...thank you so much for your kindness!!!!!

Chris and Sheila McDonald donated yet again to the Santa special thank you so much!!!

 A massive thanks to you all for your continued support and fundraising for DREAMCATCHER!

Gra and Jan Croft have continued their family support with another extremely generous donation towards the SANTA SPECIAL which takes place on Sunday 15th December 2013! Thank you!!!!!

Marion and Malky Lane have made a very very generous donation towards the Santa Special

which goes a long way towards covering the funding of this years event.... thank you so much!!!!!!!

Mike and Evelyn Gregory donated £103.70 to support the SANTA special 2013 AWESOME!!!!!

Ian & Karen Teece donated £250 to get the SANTA Special 2013 fundraising effort off to a fabulous start.

Hadnall Women's Club win Hadnall Charity Bowls Shield and £131.40 and donate the entire amount to Dreamcatcher ...Big Big THANKYOU!

 Marion & Mal Lane donated £250 following a successful fundraising effort...BRILLIANT! A big thank you from Dreamcatcher!

Mike and Evelyn Gregory donated £149.87 just by amassing their pocket change each day- fantastic!

Thank you again Hazel and Joe Smout for a further £5 donation

Angie Jones and family donated £300 on behalf of her father Doug Jones as the proceeds of his funeral collection  - A massive thank you!

Louise Roberts and Hazel and Joe Smout donated £5 each once more Thank you!

Midge Croft and her family donated £343.13p from the proceeds of Stan's funeral collection Thankyou so much!!!!!!!

Shelley MacLachlan donated £22 towards Dreamcatcher for climbing Kilimanjaro

Chris Mcdonald donated proceeds of his combined age guess success from the Shrewsbury Rugby Club Reunion

Cherry Howells and work colleagues  donated £37.50

David Colvin thank you for your very generous donation to Dreamcatcher

Helena Jones donated £150 of her  16th birthday money to DREAMCATCHER how wonderful...THANKYOU!

After her first year of business celebration at Beauty by Sarah's Pensfold Shopping Centre Gains Park £120 was raised and donated to Dreamcatcher

As a result of monies received at the Arnold Jones Cup for Bowling at Hanwood £135 was donated to Dreamcatcher

 Esme Ramsden donated £266 to DREAMCATCHER as a result of a sponsored silence a brilliant effort thank you so much!!!

Jeremy Roberts from Welshpool & Llanfair railway donated £20 to Dreamcatcher

Chris Shuker donated £16 from selling cakes for Dreamcatcher

Daniel Buffrey's Grandfather donated £10 to Dreamcatcher

Joe & Hazel Smout  donate  £5 or £10 regularly towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Charlotte Davies donated £5 towards Dreamcatcher

Ian & Karen Teece thank you so much for your incredibly generous donation towards climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Sue/Andy/Sara Lee/ Amy Pryce/ Matt Downes and parents/Wes Arnold thank you all so much for your donations towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Danny Bidgood thank you so much for your $20 donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Matt Gibson thank you so much for your $20 donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

 Ann Jones from Aberystwyth thank you so much for your £20 donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro!

Jan & Gra Croft  thank you so much for your amazingly generous donation towards Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Amy/Joe/Phil/Lisa/Stan/Midge/Pete Maguire/Ann & Terry thank you so much for your kind donations towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Jackie WT/Kate and Louise E of Rainbow Ward thank you so much for your kind donations towards Climbing Kilimajaro

Jane Luff donated £5 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Lynda Jones donated £5 towards climbing Kilimanjaro

Chris Shuker doated £5 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Marion Lewis donated £10 towards climbing Kilimanjaro

Cherry & Dave Howells donated £20 towards climbing Kilimanjaro

Neil and Susie Howells donated £40 towards climbing Kilimanjaro

Laura Howells donated £10 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Kelly donated £5 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

David Turner & Pauline Foye thank you so much for your amazingly generous donation towards Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Pam Megaw thank you so much for your incredibly generous donation to Dreamcatcher towards climbing Kilimanjaro

Unison retirees thank you for your donation following  the travel talk by Ron

John & Sue Ecclestone gave a generous donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Shrewsbury V.I.C. thankyou all for your welcome donation

Ian and Angelina Burgess kindly gave a welcome donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

John & Mary Oakley gave a generous donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

John & Mary Manford gave a welcome donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Katie & Andy Wilde gave a very generous donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Louise Aitchinson kindly donated towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Phil & Jackie Price gave a welcome donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Marion & Malcolm Lane gave a welcome donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Chris & Sheila Mcdonald gave a generous donation towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Beryl Wilkinson donated £10 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Maggie Hutson donated £10 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Gwyneth Jones donated £10 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Mike and Evelyn Gregory £40.30 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Gaynor from SPECIAL CARDS £20 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Doug Jones over £600 donated following Doug's 90th birthday party

Stan & Midge Croft £400 donated following their 60th Wedding anniversary party

Kerry and Simon Jones £1000 donated following their wedding day celebration

Vic & Cath Gregory  donated £50 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro and Orphanage of Grace and Love in Yangon Burma

Mike & Evelyn Gregory donated £132  towards a father and child's V.I.P. hospitality package at Shrewsbury Town Football Club vs Scunthorpe

Mandi Lee donated £50 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

David Turner & Pauline Foye donated £60 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro and Orphanage of Grace and Love in Yangon Burma

Peter & Cathy Ashby donated £50 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Denny Rogers donated £5 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro

Claire Weston donated £10 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro & donated £35 from a fundraising event she held!!!

Christine Jones donated £20 towards Climbing Kilimanjaro and Orphanage of Grace and Love in Yangon Burma

Owen Fountain aged 4 donated his £15 birthday money so that children less fortunate could benefit